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Seeking Peace and Joy?

Everyone desires peace, happiness, and love, yet most are not getting it. Many have forsaken the only true way to abundant life and have gone after counterfeit. Happiness and Joy are still available for free. You can have it today if you really want. Are you ready to respond? Are you willing to receive God’s free gift now? Will you decide to receive Joy and peace now?

The moment of Miracle

Your moment of miracle

Your moment of miracles is here. You will experience an extraordinary manifestation of divine intervention in your affairs that will introduce an extremely outstanding event to your life. Jesus Christ is still in the business of doing miracles.

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The Holy Spirit and Power

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. His power is the power of God. Holy Spirit is life because He is God. The power of the Holy Spirit on the believer is the ability to act effectively in the ministry and in the service of God. The Holy Spirit has the capacity to direct or influence the behavior of those that are born again. His ability to act and to influence is infinite, unlimited, and eternal.

The Christian Lifestyle Blog

The Christian Lifestyle

Living the Christian life means sacrificing our own desires, ambitions, and glories and replacing them with those of Christ. We can only do this by His power through the faith that He gives us by His grace.

Dynamic Podcast

Dynamic Podcast

The best way to build a relationship with God is to listen to His word daily. Faith comes by hearing the word of the Lord. When you listen daily to the dynamic podcast, you will reconnect back to God and reinforce your bible study efforts. There are Bible teachings, messages, talks, and devotionals available on this podcast channel. This is a Christian podcast you’ll want to hear over and over again.

Free Christian Movies Online.

Christian Movies

The Christian Movies is an online channel for Christian Cinema show. This Christian Cinema is a very good way to watch Christian movies and TV shows. There are a series of entertainment and beyond the entertainment that inspires families of Faith. There is a variety of catalog of movies to watch and to keep up your entire Christian library. No Subscriptions.

Word of Life Broadcasting


Evangelism is spiritual warfare. It is a constant fierce battle for man’s soul. Just like every other warfare, weapons and strategies are necessary to secure breakthrough and to defeat the enemy. The mind of men is receptive to information and the state of mind is the state of man.

Reaching all souls


Our duty is to speak for God on the eternal destiny of souls (Isa.6.8-13, Rom.10.14,15). We are co-laborers in the lord`s vineyard – behold the harvest is truly plenteous (Mt.9.37-38; John 4.35-36). The commission given to every disciple of Christ is to go into the world and continue the ministry which the Lord himself started (LK 4.18).

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Daily Devotion for the Youth

Daily devotional for the youth will help your spiritual growth through a variety of inspirational excerpts. It helps you focus your thoughts and guides your prayers. When you take heed to those words of God, you will be able to tune out distractions and give a consecrated attention to God. This daily devotional is a powerful tool to develop a rich, rewarding, and productive relationship with the Lord. It is also a key to living a life of continuous victories in daily life and having a practical fellowship of the Spirit or abiding in Christ

devotional for the family

Devotion for the family

These daily times in the family devotion can be a means to build closeness within your family. It could be a time to share your experiences with one another. Family devotions are a great time to share the good news with your children. The Word of God could be treated in way that affects their lives. The discussion could include how God would want to shape our attitudes and characters. This can impact your children to see the Scripture in light of their active lifestyle. Thus it could build up the habit that adds structure and stability to the family’s shared life. Moreover family devotions can become a kind of organizing structure to the life shared together in the family.

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