Thursday, 04 March, 2021

Category: Bread of Life

A model of spiritual food geared towards raising people with testimony of life excellence and spiritual prowess. The aims are to help each Christian discover his/her purpose, release his/her potential, nurture his/her latent abilities to become not only a productive and fulfilled citizen but to be a pacesetter in all areas of life and at the same time preparing him/her for heavenly citizenship.

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A vision can’t be held sacrosanct because it’s susceptible to social change. Time and events are sometimes cruel to visions. They may render them obsolete or block their implementation. Then, in spite of its vulnerability, a vision is one of the main things that make leadership tick.

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Isaiah 1: 16 – 19 gives us a picture of the new beginning we can have with our God this year; a new beginning between the Creator and the created.
The Lord, in His mercy and compassion, says, “Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before my eyes; cease to do evil… ” (vs. 16).

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“Can God lie?” If the Lord says, “I will heal you,” is that a lie? If the Lord says, “I will deliver you,” can that be a lie? Can the devil make God a liar? Can your feeling make God a liar? Can your medical doctor make God a liar? Tell me. Can the seriousness of your sickness make God a liar? No. Nobody and nothing on earth, under the earth, or above the earth, can make God a liar.

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Goals help describe an organization’s successes. Goals are stated ambitions, and all leaders know they must set them and follow them up till they are accomplished. For, failure to set goals reduces leadership to management by chance and hunches – a sure recipe for corporate disaster.

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Once a vision misses its time and season, it disintegrates into mere wishful thinking. Nothing proves more fatal for vision than shifting attention. Leaders who deride visions can’t improve their organization in any remarkable way. Leaders should have the capacity to conceive and implement visions of developmental changes

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You should know that visioning is a systematic exercise. It isn’t something that can be done anyhow. If you want results you have to follow the process – from the birthing of visions to their actualization (or destination).

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You have to be a man with a concrete focus if you want to be an achiever in the year 2021. You cannot be running to nowhere and expect to reach your destination. It is only when you work with a purpose that we say you are purpose-driven. There must be a goal you are pursuing, a target you want to hit and a dream you desire to realize in your life adventures, if your aim is to excel in whatever you do.

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