Wednesday, 24 February, 2021

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Daily quotes from the Scripture will help your spiritual growth through a variety of inspirational excerpts. It helps you focus your thoughts and guides your prayers. When you take heed to those words of God, you will be able to tune out distractions and give a consecrated attention to God.

The daily quote is a powerful tool to develop a rich, rewarding, and productive relationship with the Lord. It is also a key to living a life of continuous victories in daily life and having a practical fellowship of the Spirit or abiding in Christ.

Start reading the Bible today. It is the word of God. It is Spirit and life. There is no better time than now. Do not wait any longer. Set aside a specific time each day. Set your schedule and then stick to it. Mornings are great, but feel free to do it anytime. Read the Bible for the sake of learning, not simply to accomplish your next reading. Read not only but meditate prayerfully on the word of God also.

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The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. His power is the power of God. Holy Spirit is life because He is God. The power of the Holy Spirit on the believer is the ability to act effectively in the ministry and in the service of God. The Holy Spirit has the capacity to direct or influence the behavior of those that are born again. His ability to act and to influence is infinite, unlimited, and eternal.

Whatever God has provided, are obtainable through faith in God. Faith is looking to God for help. Faith is reaching out to take the divine gifts and provisions. Faith removes the eyes from self, and rest them on the Lord Read more…

Your moment of miracles is here. You will experience an extraordinary manifestation of divine intervention in your affairs that will introduce an extremely outstanding event to your life. Jesus Christ is still in the business of doing miracles. There is Read more…

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You have to be a man with a concrete focus if you want to be an achiever in the year 2021. You cannot be running to nowhere and expect to reach your destination. It is only when you work with a purpose that we say you are purpose-driven. There must be a goal you are pursuing, a target you want to hit and a dream you desire to realize in your life adventures, if your aim is to excel in whatever you do.

The moment of Miracle

Your moment of miracles is here. You will experience an extraordinary manifestation of divine intervention in your affairs that will introduce an extremely outstanding event to your life. Jesus Christ is still in the business of doing miracles.

Scriptural Magazines

Life Press is the publishing arm of The Great Commission Evangelistic Ministries. It publishes scriptural magazines (Life, Challenge, Pathway). The printing and publishing of scriptural magazines help to spread the gospel through the printed pages. The scriptural magazines are undoubtedly inspiring and life-transforming. Many readers have had their lives blessed abundantly by these printed pages and are always asking for more.

Word of Life Broadcasting

Evangelism is spiritual warfare. It is a constant fierce battle for man’s soul. Just like every other warfare, weapons and strategies are necessary to secure breakthrough and to defeat the enemy. The mind of men is receptive to information and the state of mind is the state of man.

The Bread of Life

A model of spiritual food geared towards raising people with testimony of life excellence and spiritual prowess.

The Christian Lifestyle Blog

Living the Christian life means sacrificing our own desires, ambitions, and glories and replacing them with those of Christ. We can only do this by His power through the faith that He gives us by His grace.

The Dynamics of Faith

The Dynamite Faith introduces you to the faith that is real. It is the faith of an overcomer that overcomes the world. Faith has power and the result of that power is a changed life. Faith brings God near you. It gives you evidence of what God has revealed in his word.
Faith made the precious promise of God attainable and we can always take God at his word.

Lifelibrary for your spiritual growth

This online Christian library is a virtual library of choice by Bible students & scholars. The E-books available for download on this site are free. All are either in the public domain or published with the permission of the author or publisher. Both ‘classic’ and ‘contemporary’ materials are available.

Reaching all souls

Our duty is to speak for God on the eternal destiny of souls (Isa.6.8-13, Rom.10.14,15). We are co-laborers in the lord`s vineyard – behold the harvest is truly plenteous (Mt.9.37-38; John 4.35-36). The commission given to every disciple of Christ is to go into the world and continue the ministry which the Lord himself started (LK 4.18).

Give hope to the needy

Give Hope Initiative is a Christian non-profit charity arm of The Great Commission Evangelistic Ministries inc. Give Hope Initiative aimed at helping children and their families in crisis, with a current focus on Africa. We strongly believe that something should be done to various suffering faced by children of poor families in an underdeveloped environment.

Free Christian Movies Online.

The Christian Movies is an online channel for Christian Cinema show. This Christian Cinema is a very good way to watch Christian movies and TV shows. There are a series of entertainment and beyond the entertainment that inspires families of Faith. There is a variety of catalog of movies to watch and to keep up your entire Christian library. No Subscriptions.

Life Publishing Press

The printed pages have enormous possibilities such as the power of persuasion, penetration, and persistence. Literatures evangelism has the possibility to contribute a powerful tool for personal Christian growth and spiritual progress. The literature given to friends and strangers can be a good introduction to spiritual conversation.

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