Thursday, 22 April, 2021

A seed for the sower

seedlings, seed, children's hands

When the sower goes forth to sow the seed of the word of God, he will meet diverse kinds of souls. For the seed to be effective in the souls, the souls have to understand that they are required to put forth the acts of will and not just certain mental acts based on feeling.

Sin can be deceitful thereby exceedingly exposing the souls to delusion. Therefore an effective preacher should diligently lookout every nook and corner where a soul can find a false refuge. The sower should be so thorough and discriminating as to render it as nearly impossible as the nature of the case will admit that the soul should entertain a false hope.

The preacher should not fear being thorough. A Preacher should not through false pity put on a plaster where the probe is needed. He should not fear that he shall discourage the convicted sinner, and turn him back, by searching him out to the bottom. If the Holy Spirit is dealing with him, the more he searches and probes, the more impossible it will be for the soul to turn back or rest in sin.

Any soul-winner who would save the soul, should not spare a right hand, or right eye, or any darling idol; but see to it that every form of sin is given up. Soulwinner should Insist upon full confession of wrong to all that have a right to confession and Insist upon full restitution, so far as is possible, to all injured parties. No one should fall short of the express teachings of Christ on this subject. Whoever the sinner may be, let him distinctly understand that unless he forsakes all that he has he cannot be the disciple of Christ. An effective soul-winner would Insist upon the entire and universal consecration of all the powers of body and mind, and of all the property, possessions, character, and influence to God.

A soul-winner needs to understand it himself, and, if possible, makes the sinner understand it too, that nothing short of the total consecration and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ is involved in true faith or true repentance. Thus the total abandonment to God of all ownership of self, or anything else, is the condition of being accepted.

Every sinning soul should keep in mind that it is the personal Christ with whom he is dealing, that God in Christ is seeking his reconciliation to Himself, and that the condition of his reconciliation is that he gives up his will and his whole being to God, that he “leave not a hoof behind.” Eternal life comes to everyone who truly believes and this life is in Christ Jesus. Christ is made unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption and that everyone can only find their whole salvation in Christ.

Soulwinner should endeavor to encourage their hearers to persevere unto the end, as the further condition of their salvation. Any soul that intelligently receives all the doctrine of the truth and the Christ revealed therein, should be taught how to watch and pray to prevent their soul from backsliding, the way of securing its permanent sanctification and sealing for eternal glory.

The tendency of the very common backsliding in heart of converts indicates some grave defect in the teachings of the pulpit on this subject. The result thereof is that many hopeful converts, within a few months of their apparent conversion, lose their first love, lose all their fervency in religion, neglect their duty, and live on in name Christians, but in spirit and life worldlings?

Thus a truly successful preacher must not only win souls to Christ but must keep them won. He must not only secure their conversion but their permanent sanctification.

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