Saturday, 13 July, 2024


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“But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entirely wanting nothing”(James 1:4).

The world is in a hurry. The mad rush is alarming. Road signs read: “No waiting” “No U-Turn”, “No Packing”, “Keep Moving”, etc. This is affecting everything negatively especially, spiritually. Patience has been removed from the dictionary of many people. Are you among the people that have no time for patience? Many youths do not want to study patiently again, all they want is a certificate even if they have to get it by cheating and violence.

All this is because they want to “enjoy life” now. Many people can no more wait on the Lord to receive lasting Christian experiences of Salvation, Sanctification, and Holy Ghost baptism and renewal of strength. It ought not to be like this. We should learn patience and practice it. Patience is profitable:
(i) it brings perfection in the knowledge of the gospel, the will of God, and righteousness
(ii) it brings personal completeness in all graces and gifts of God
(iii) it prevents want or lack in spiritual and temporal matters. From the word PATIENCE there are many profits to derive:
P – Perfection.
A – Abundance of blessings.
T – Transformation into a greater spiritual level.
I – Integrity will be built up.
E – Experience.
N – Nourishment in the presence of the Lord.
C – Completeness, calmness, and comfort of the Spirit.
E – Exaltation by the Lord.

Learn a lesson from the frog which is very slow and patient. While other animals are running and birds fly about looking for what to eat, the food that the frog would eat usually comes to meet it right at the same spot. Be patient with God, your blessings, admission, promotion, and provision will come and meet you as you pray, and wait patiently before the Lord.

CHALLENGE: “He that believeth shall not make haste”

PRAYER: Lord, help me to be patient today and always.

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