Monday, 26 February, 2024

overcoming the world

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“Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world”

You overcome the world because Jesus has overcome the world. Thus his victory is your victory because he lives in you. The greater One lives inside you. The Almighty, the One that has all power in heaven and on earth…He lives inside of you. You can go through life hand in hand with the Almighty and nothing will ever defeat you anymore. Go through life with confidence.

The mountain before you shall be removed and the way will be clear before you. Because you have put your trust in him, the road will be plain before you. The wilderness will blossom before you. There shall be showers of blessing. No desert, no famine, no scarcity, no poverty anymore. Your prayers are answered. Your needs are met. Your desires are fulfilled. Your longings are answered. Good news are coming your way. Miracle children and good marriage are yours. The way is open for prosperity and employment. You’ll be standing firm rejoicing and singing the song of praises unto the Lord.

This is the good news for you from today. In Jesus’ name. You are not poor anymore, you are rich. You are not weak anymore, you are strong. You are not sick anymore, you are well. You are not defeated anymore, you are victorious. Your tears are wiped away. Your sorrow is taken away. Your sterility, barrenness is taken away. The power of the enemy is broken in your life in Jesus’ name. If you are one of the victorious people of God say Amen.

error: The love of the father is awesome!