Saturday, 13 July, 2024

Prosperity In Christ

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Is there any law that when followed could lead people to wealth? Do we really have several principles to attain prosperity? Perhaps you have seen many on the Internet and have read some in the bookstores. Yeah, the world is full of thesis on how to make quick money and become rich. Despite all these, if these were scrutinized thoroughly, one will discover that most of them are laid on a very weak foundation.

A Christian way of prosperity that follows the principle of Christ should be different from the manners of the ungodly. The ungodly are ready to do anything to acquire wealth. Most of the strategy is full of corruption and criminal intent. Though few of the wealthy had been able to acquire wealth in a just manner, the majority had not been righteous.

Jesus said in Matthew 6:33: “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you”. It goes that if you want to go the way of Christ, you just have to put heaven first on your to-do list. Whatever it takes to enter into the kingdom of God should be your utmost priority. Jesus said the ungodly are anxious about earthly things such as acquiring wealth. Children of God are not to be so because God is ready and willing to give them his kingdom.

The ungodly are anxious to seek after all that they can get in the world such as property, glory, honor, and unlimited cash flow. God, however, knows that we as human beings need things to be comfortable on earth and He will give them to us. Therefore we are not to worry ourselves about tomorrow but to let tomorrow takes care of itself.

Many people are wondering, how possible this could be. The Bible verses talk about not craving for things of the world as the unbelievers do but putting yourself in the hand of God. And God who knows your need for these things will get them to you. Yes, this is possible as we have seen the miraculous divine provision in an unexpected way in the life of many.

So it is not biblical for anyone who wishes to receive a blessing from God to go about it the way other ungodly would have done. Therefore, God expects us to work hard through labor, production, and services to be able to feed ourselves. (exemption to this are those that labor for the Gospel). Thus it is necessary to have the right mindset to succeed and to be an achiever.

If anyone wants to be financially free, he would do the necessity by laboring and God would make his labor grow and flourish. Having enough to survive and to provide for oneself free of financial stress depends on each individual’s perception of life. Though happiness cannot be achieved through cash flow, it can provide for the things that could make you happy even if only for a moment.

As the Bible says “money is the answer for everything” (Ecc.10.19), we understand that the key to sufficiency is by having enough money to provide for things. Thus hard-work and a smart way of saving to invest can help you achieve financial prosperity. In as much that children of God do not seek to be rich because it leads to diverse kinds of temptation, they also need money to get things that can enrich their life (1 Tim. 8-10).

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