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Holy Spirit – Why a must for every Christians

Every Christian should be filled with the holy spirit. Any Christian, who does not have the holy spirit is not part of Christ.
He has placed His Spirit at your disposal, and if you have not the Spirit, God has a right to look to you and to hold you responsible for all the good you might otherwise do. You are sinning against all heaven, for you ought to be adding to the happy ranks of the redeemed.

You are an obstacle in the way of the work of the Lord. It is in vain for a minister to try to work over your head. Ministers often groan and struggle, and wear themselves out in vain, trying to do good where there is a people who live so that they do not have the Spirit of God. If the Spirit is poured out at any time, the Church will grieve Him right away. Thus, you may tie the hands and break the heart of your minister, and break him down, and perhaps kill him, because you will not be filled with the Spirit.

You see the reason why Christians need the Spirit, and the degree of their dependence upon Him. Do not tempt God by “waiting” for His Spirit, while using no means to procure His presence. If you mean to have the Spirit, you must be childlike, and yield to His influences and just as yielding as air. If He is drawing you to prayer, you must quit everything to yield to His gentle strivings. No doubt you have sometimes felt a desire to pray for some object, and you have put it off and resisted, until God left you. If you wish Him to remain, you must yield to His softest leadings, watch to learn what He would have you do and yield yourself up to His guidance.

Christians ought to be willing to make any sacrifice to enjoy the presence of the Spirit. Said a woman in high life (a professor of religion): “I must either give up hearing such-and-such a minister [naming him] preach, or I must give up my gay company.” She gave up the preaching and stayed away. How different from another case of a woman in the same rank of life and who heard the same minister preach, and went home resolved to abandon her gay and worldly manner of life. She changed her whole mode of dress, of equipage, of living, and of conversation; so that her gay and worldly friends were soon willing to leave her to the enjoyment of communion with God, and free to spend her time in doing good.

You see from this, that it must be very difficult for those in fashionable life to go to heaven. What a calamity to be in such circles! Who can enjoy the presence of God in them? See how crazy those are who are scrambling to get up to these circles, enlarging their houses, changing their style of living, their dress, and their furniture. It is like climbing up to the mast-head to be thrown off into the ocean. To enjoy God, you must come down, not go up there. God is not there, among all the starch and flattery of high life.

Many professors of religion are as ignorant of spirituality as Nicodemus was of the New Birth. They are ignorant, and I fear unconverted. If anybody talks to them about the spirit of prayer, it is all algebra to them. The case of such professors is awful. How different was the character of the apostles! Read the history of their lives, read their letters, and you will see that they were always spiritual, and walked daily with God.

But now how little is there of such religion! “When the Son of Man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8.) Set some of these professors to work in a revival, and they do not know what to do, for they have no energy, no skills and make no impression. When will professors of religion set themselves to work, filled with the Spirit? If Christians and Churches could be filled with the Spirit, in less than just two weeks, revival would spread all over this city.

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Evang. victor Echeng (from Nigeria)

well routed. many denominations are all celebrating doctrine & have forgotten the HOLY SPIRIT that happen to be the strength behind their gathering.

Comfort Ubi

For they that worship me must worship me in Spirit and in truth. Holy Spirit is a proper noun so, He is a person and must be acknowledged, love, repect and recognized . In Gen. The Bible stated that the World was formed by the Holy Spirit. And the Spirit of the Lord was… Any Congregation who acknowledges the Holy Spirit can never struggle in terms of church growth and otherwise. Likewise any body who is in love with Him.

Evang. victor Echeng (from Nigeria)

well routed. many denominations are all celebrating doctrine & have forgotten the HOLY SPIRIT that happen to be the strength behind their gathering.


holy spirit is the guarantee of our salvation.

mario klein

I have learned a lot and this information is very useful

Francis Adoglah

The Holy Spirit helped us stand boldly for Christ Jesus as true witnesses.

drankenss is real but what matters is love


Fully aware of the Holy and that it will help in taking direction that please God.

How then do we struggle with fear and timidity that it feels as if the Holy spirit is not in existence,it is because we read and not accept the Holy spirit fully.If so,how do we embrace the holy spirit.


We struggle with fear because we do not want to take God by his word. Then without faith, it is impossible to please God.


why den is the holy spirit not interceding for us?


Holy Spirit is always interceding for us and Jesus is the mediator by the father

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