Saturday, 13 July, 2024

Moving Forward

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“And the LORD said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? Speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward” (Exodus 14: 15).

It is somehow surprising to find some youths who remain static in their plans and progress for future prospects. These youths stand still in life with little or no progress at all. They share the same dreams, visions, the same proposal, and opportunities and think the same way over the years without moving forward.

These sets of youths are wishful thinkers with no courage or power to take action to move forward. There is no significant improvement in their spiritual life, study habit, academic achievement, and life pursuit.

God is interested in your physical growth, spiritual development, and academic advancement. The gift and potential to grow and move forward are available to you in Christ. All you need to do is to “stir up the gift of God, which is in thee” (2 Timothy 1:6) to achieve your life ambitions. You have no cause to remain static in your spiritual life, academic pursuit, future plans, and life achievement.

Thirst and hunger for growth by studying, exploring opportunities, generating new ideas on how to do things better, and learning to improve yourself through the reading of biographies of great achievers. You can always improve your performance in any area of life pursuit. The day one stops learning to increase in knowledge and improve his lot in life is the day he becomes obsolete. Man must learn from the womb to the tomb.

Ensure you learn every day from the Bible, books you read, and from other people around you. As you learn, let growing be your goal. This was the experience of our Lord Jesus Christ who “increased in wisdom and stature”(Luke 2:52).

You must grow daily in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the word of God. You must also advance in your academic pursuits. This is the way to be on a “forward march” for progress.

CHALLENGE: Only hungry minds can grow- John Mason

PRAYER: Keep me as I move forward in life, Oh God.

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