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The Time for Revival

The time for revival

It is good for us to draw near to God in prayer. Unfortunately, only a little attention has been given to united prayer by many churches. How can we expect a blessing if we are too idle to ask for it? How can we look for a Pentecost if we never meet with one another, in one place, to wait upon the Lord? Brethren, we shall never see much change for the better in our churches till the prayer meeting occupies a higher place in the esteem of Christians.

But now that we have come together, how shall we pray? Let us not degenerate into formality, lest we are already dead while we think we live. Let us not waiver through unbelief, or else we pray in vain. We need that great faith with which to offer great prayers! We have been mingling praise and prayer together as a delicious compound of spices, fit to be presented upon the altar of incense through Christ our Lord;

So brethren, let us offer some special far-reaching petition. It is suggested to me that we pray for a true and genuine revival of religion throughout the world. A Real and Lasting Revival. I am glad of any signs of life, even if they should be feverish and transient, and I am slow to judge any well-intended movement, but unfortunately, many so-called revivals, in the long run, wrought more harm than good.

A species of religious gambling has fascinated many men that they are impatient with any indication towards the true godliness. However, that there are counterfeits, does not undervalue true gold. Therefore it is my desire beyond measure that the Lord would send a real and lasting revival of spiritual life.

We need a work of the Holy Spirit of a supernatural kind, putting power into the preaching of the Word, inspiring all believers with heavenly energy, and solemnly affecting the hearts of the careless, so that they turn to God and live. We should not be drunk with the wine of carnal excitement but be filled with the Spirit. We would behold the fire descending from heaven in answer to the effectual fervent prayers of righteous men. Let us entreat the Lord our God to make bare His holy Old-fashioned Doctrine

We want a revival of old-fashioned doctrine. Almost all the essential scriptural doctrines are now undermined by biblical scholars and preachers. Precious truth that is life-saving to the soul is not now denied by those whose profession it is to proclaim it. Thus, it is clear that we need a revival of the old-time gospel preaching which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him (
Hebrews 2:3-4). The Scriptures must be made the infallible foundation of all teaching; the ruin, redemption and regeneration of mankind must be set forth in unmistakable terms.

Personal Godliness

Urgently, we need a revival of personal godliness. This is, indeed, the secret of church prosperity. When individuals fall from their steadfastness, the church is tossed to and fro; when personal faith is steadfast, the church abides true to its Lord.

It is upon the truly godly and spiritual men and women that the future of religion depends, in the hand of God. The Lord desire that we are the true holy men, quickened and filled with the Holy Spirit, who are consecrated to the Lord and sanctified by His truth.

Brethren, we must each one live if the church is to be alive; we must live unto God if we expect to see the pleasure of the Lord prospering in our hands. Sanctified men are the salt of society and the saviours of the race.

Domestic Religion

We deeply want a revival of domestic religion. The Christian family was the bulwark of godliness in the days of the puritans, but in these evil times hundreds of families of so-called Christians have no family worship, no restraint upon growing sons, and no wholesome instruction or discipline. How can we hope to see the kingdom of our Lord advance when His own disciples do not teach His gospel to their own children

Oh, Christian men and women, be thorough in what you do and know and teach! Let your families be trained in the fear of God and be yourselves “holiness unto the Lord”; so shall you stand like a rock amid the surging waves of error and ungodliness which rage around us.

Vigorous, Consecrated Strength

We want also a revival of vigorous, consecrated strength. When people are truly godly and pursue their religion in spirit and in the truth, it usually resulted in saints with gracious minds trained to a high form of spiritual life by much converse with God in solitude.

Saints acquire nobility from their constant resort to the place where the Lord meets with them. There they also acquire that power in the prayer which we so greatly need. If there are more men like John Knox, whose prayers were more terrible to Queen Mary than 10,000 men! Oh, that we had more Elijahs by whose faith the windows of heavens should be shut or opened!

However, we should understand that this power comes not by a sudden effort; it is the outcome of a life devoted to the God of Israel! If our life is all in public, it will be a frothy, vapoury ineffectual existence; but if we hold high converse with God in secret, we shall be mighty for good. He that is a prince with God will take high rank with men, after the true measure of nobility.

Beware of being a lean-to; endeavour to rest on your own walls of real faith in the Lord Jesus. May none of us fall into a mean, poverty-stricken dependence on man! We want among us believers like those solid, substantial family mansions which stand from generation to generation as landmarks of the country; no lath-and-plaster fabrics, but edifices solidly constructed to bear all weathers, and defy time itself.

Given a host of men who are steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, the glory of God’s grace will be clearly manifested, not only in them but in those round about them. The Lord send us a revival of consecrated strength and heavenly energy! When the life of Christians begins to show the fruits of true godliness, we shall soon have inquiries for the tree which bears such a crop.

Thus, the coming together of the saints is the first part of Pentecost, and the ingathering of sinners is the second. It began with “only a prayer meeting”, but it ended with a grand baptism of thousands of converts. How would it be, if the prayers of believers act as lodestones to sinners! Oh that every gathering of faithful men might be a lure to attract others to Jesus! May many souls fly to Him because they see others speeding in that direction.

“Lord, we turn from these poor foolish procrastinators to yourself, and we plead for them with your all-wise and gracious spirit! Lord, turn them and they shall be turned! By their conversion, oh Lord, let the true revival commences this year. Let it spread through all our households, and then run from city to city, from country to country till the whole of Christendom shall be ablaze with a heaven-descended fire!”

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