Tuesday, 15 June, 2021


  • My newest book is almost here… Hurray! I’m very excited about The Single Lady and her dreams. This is a book birthed out of very salient life experiences and practical lessons I have learnt in my journey as a single lady. On my birthday, you’ll get to purchase this treasure chest at a very affordable […]
  • It’s been three years since Daniel left the shores of the country for France. You said the night of his departure, you wept like a baby. Your heart almost tore into pieces. You and Daniel had been courting for over a year and just when you brought up the subject of marriage, he received a […]
  • God does not owe any one of us an explanation for the instructions He gives to us. Sometimes, you may want to take a step that seem really legitimate but there is a restraint in your heart, what then do you do? You leave it. Imagine this. A sister, trusting God for a life partner, […]
  • Whenever I’m asked the question, how do I become a better writer, the first thought that drops on my heart is that, building capacity as a writer is a journey not a destination. This means that when I make moves to get better this year and considerate growth takes place, I must remain a student, […]
  • I was in law school when I began to sense that I would have something to do with secondary school students after my graduation. It was heavy on my heart. The more I prayed about it, the stronger the impression I had. By the time I was handed my NYSC posting letter to Benue state, It […]
  •   I’M YOURS- A PLAY SCENE 1 (Dunni and Morayo’s room. Two beds are separated by a reading table. On the table is an HP laptop and a blue clear file containing some documents. A tall young man, Israel, with neatly trimmed beards sits on a chair facing on of the beds. Dunni serves him […]
  • Read Episode 1  Ebun passed a clean white handkerchief to her sister. Funmi had stopped crying. ‘You need time alone. Just put yourself together and let God guide your thinking process. I’ll be in the living room.’ Funmi nodded and blew her nose into the handkerchief. When Ebun moved towards the door, Funmi ran after […]
  • ‘Charles, I want my money now!’ Charles had never seen his best friend in a fit of rage. Shola had barged into his house, shouting at the top of his voice and demanding for his money. Why won’t his friend be patient with him? Shola knew he didn’t have a job yet. His wife just […]
  • Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been more deliberate about personal development. Not that I wasn’t doing this before but I wanted to scale up and increase my knowledge base.  I created a timeblock for reading books and watching videos tailored towards the areas I was seeking improvement. There was also one mastermind amongst […]
  • Charles awakened, wondering where he was and why he was lying on the cold floor. Everywhere was dark. Where was Funmi? He struggled to his feet and held the wooden frame of the bed for support. When he found Funmi’s legs, he was relieved and groped his way to the empty space beside his wife. […]
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