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The Great Commission Evangelistic Ministries

All Souls for Christ:One Soul at a time

Search to find life and to contend earnestly for the faith

Our Fundamental Foundational Faith: 2 Timothy 2:15; 3:16,17.

Our doctrinal Position is fundamental. We believe that the bible is the inspired and the infallible, authentic word of God. We understand that the word of God should be taken seriously in all our christian daily life and conduct. In as much as is not possible to live the christian life to a full satisfaction without an adequate grasp of the bible. As a matter of fact no christian ministers can really be qualified for the ministry in the church without a thorough study of the word of God and no christian worker can be fully effective without a sound knowledge of the bible.

Every christian believer, worker and minister should be a specialist in the bible. The bible is the God`s revelation to mankind. It has an answer to every problem in this life both for individual and for all nations. Although the sixty-six books of the bible were written by over forty different authors in a period of about 1800 years, yet there is a powerful unity and harmony throughout the bible. The bible has met the need of so many nationalities and tribes who differ in languages, custom and background.

The Scripture reveals God`s Justice, Holiness, Mercy, Compassion, Love, Power, Sovereignty, Wisdom, Goodness, Faithfulness e.t.c. The central theme of the bible is Christ and his redemptive work. (John 5.39;20.31; Rev.1.1) However to understand God`s word and be able to benefit from it, you need the divine surgical operation of the heart. (Dt.30.6;Hess.36.26; Heb.8.10)

Anyone who intends to profit in the study of God`s word must be so determined to be influenced by the scriptural evidence and avoid grieving the holy ghost by unbelief and hypocrisy. In all preaching and teaching of the bible, the practical aspect should always be kept in mind (2Tim.3.15-17; Rom 15.4)