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Poverty Alleviation

poverty allevation

We are determined to break the cycle of poverty through various possibilities.

Economic: Microfinance Loans

Provided money to establish or expand viable businesses and provide sustainable income with affordable financing that changes the future of families and transforms poverty-stricken communities

Giving Hope in Action – Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

In Africa, those who are the poorest are also the hungriest. Masses of hungry people are at risk of dying from starvation. Because hunger breeds sickness, those who suffer both cannot provide productive labor. Without work, they have few, if any, assets.

Without assets, there is no access to credit. Without the ability to pay, families are unable to invest in the education of their children. The spiral of hopelessness intensifies their experience of poverty, with no end in sight.

Give Hope Initiative is breaking the cycle of poverty through our efforts to bring opportunity to the people of Africa. We focus our attention and resources in the key areas of agriculture, economic development, education, health care and water. Our initiatives include:

  • Giving poor rural families training and credit opportunities to start businesses such as poultry farming, poultry feed production and bio fuel crops;
  • Establishing market infrastructures to ensure that farm families receive fair market prices for their crops;
  • Supporting education for impoverished children;
  • Providing wells to supply clean drinking water;
  • Developing irrigation systems to ensure crop sustainability through long periods of drought and to increase crop cycle productivity;
  • Addressing critical medical needs through the building and support of clinics.

Providing free and healthy Water for the Community

Digging wells for communities and developing irrigation systems for farm families.

Make a Donation Now and Give a lasting Hope

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