Wednesday, 12 May, 2021

The Vanity of Man’s Help

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Memory verse: “Give us help from trouble: for vain is the help of man” (Psalm 108:12).

He had got everything ready: passport, visa, and all other necessary documents. He thought he had no need to seek God’s face in prayer. He had absolute trust in his uncle’s promises. His uncle’s plan for him should be enough so he had thought. Yea Someone was to bring him money in the United States that would take care of his ticket and a few other necessities. What a great expectation! his entire life was about to change for the better. Then the telephone message, no money was to be sent; he was no more to travel; his uncle’s business in the U.S. had suffered extensive reverses. The plan for his journey had to be shelved for now.

Such is the face value of any help from man. However, God’s promises are ‘yea’ and ‘amen’, signed, sealed, and delivered as He desires. This should inspire confidence in the true children of God whenever the enemy tries to assail from every side. Wholesome trust and confidence in God, obedience to His word and righteousness of life is the sure foundation of our victory in Christ. Israel’s song of victory resonated each time their enemies were defeated.

Dependence on man had brought many avoidable heartaches. This is because man does not have the capacity to do all he says he will do; only the Almighty God has such capacity, because He only has control over all circumstances and all forces of nature. Man is limited in every respect regardless of his advances in science and technology.

As we live a life of daily victory over the activities of the enemy, we must depend on Christ, who is our Mighty Man in battle and the Source of true victory. Lack of trust and dependence on Christ always leads to defeat. The best surety to victory is to depend on Him who never fails.

Certainly, if our lives are pleasing unto Him and we commit all aspects of it to Him, He will surely bring us out of all our troubles. Vain is the help of man. God never fails. Let us praise Him and sing unto Him always even when our trials are greatest. And when the trials are over and the victory is won, let our voices rise in praises and adoration to the Lord our banner.

Thought for the day: Dependence upon God ensures our victory over the enemy.


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