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Evangelism through selective Literatures

Evangelism is spiritual warfare. We are in constant fierce battle for man soul. Just like every other warfare, weapons and strategies are neccessary to secure breakthrough and to defeat the enemy. Mind of men are receptive for information and the state of mind is the state of man. Whoever controls the mind will definately have control over the man. Unfortunately satan has been using his strategy to saturate this world with whole rage of satanic literatures, whereas the church does not seem to be awaken to this fact.

There are however scarcity of power evangelical and missiological literatures in a highly lettered and informed world.Even in the so called closed territories or partially opened areas, the gospel could still be spread there with a well organised and discrectly executed literatures crusade.

The printed pages have enourmous possibility such as power of persuation, penetration, and persistence. Literatures evangelism has the possibility to contribute a powerful tool for personal christian growth and spiritual progress. Literatures given to friends and strangers can be a good introduction to spiritual conversation.

It has the potential of leading sinners to saving faith, bringing the straying backsliders back to saviour`s fold, instructing new converts and establishing them in their most holy faith, correcting a spreading doctrinal errors in the church, reminding the mature believers of long forgotten truth and mobilising the whole church for a worthy core.

The posibility of literatures distribution could be utilised through the principle of selection, supplication, and spiritfilled saturation by using different method to target different group, through much prayers and spiritual discernment and by being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Ghost

Christian literatures are missionary which lead sinners to Christ, heal the sick and strengthen the believer. This can be a vital way of spreading the gospel. The literature can also be an effective means of following up the new converts. Our tracts, newletters and scriptural magazine are available on request.

Since many benefits more by hearing messages with emphasis made with voice. Tape materials are good for those who do not have the time or habit of reading letters. Messages on CD/DVD can be of much use to christains both to help them and to win souls for Christ.