Tuesday, 28 March, 2023

Remember not the former things

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On one Sunday morning at church, before I took the scriptural reading for the day. My mind was roving to and fro over the sins that I had fallen into some days ago. I had been a victim of masturbation. Yes, you read rightly, I was engaged in masturbation. I began to weep and groan in the spirit and I felt so unworthy to mount the alter to read the scripture to the people of God.

I was uncomfortable in my skin. Would this not be hypocrisy. How shameful I felt to look like someone playing a double game. So I rushed to the ladies’ room and tried to justify my emotional state with God.

Well, you know what the heavenly Father told me? This is something totally unrelated to my sin. While I was busy telling Him how that I had failed in my righteous walk with him, God was only interested in instructing and reminding me of His Holy Spirit inside of me, promising me that he would help me with the task at hand, reminding me that I was his beloved child and that there was no condemnation for me because my sins had been paid by the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus. 

Hmmm, Can you imagine that? Almost unbelieveable

According to the law of men and my own logic, was He not to be furious with me and pronounced my punishment? He should be fuming on me how he had disowned me because am a mighty pretender. Instead of judgment, He reminded me to consider Romans 8:1 and moved on. He reminded me of the sacrifice of his Son for my sins.

This is gracious! Oh merciful God, what an amazing grace.

Yeah, that is who God our father is. Perhaps you think, it is impossible. ‘How can you say that old thing are passed away? Could that be even possible? What of this lie that I told? What about that sex party I attended and participated in? What about those things that I stole? What about them? How could all of my sins just vanish? Who would give me such a blank card?

It is true and a faithful statement. It is as real as the skin you have on your body. Be well assured that the moment we received Christ, we completely traded our old man (the nature of sin)for a new man (the nature of righteousness).

Everything about us became completely new. We become a newborn baby. Does anyone tell a newborn baby, “I’ve forgiven you all of your sins”? A new baby has no past. Thus, in the same way, we should not keep remembering all of the sins that are in our past and in God’s past. Taking and understanding what Christ has done to secure us a place in the presence of the Father, is the key to daily walking in victory.

Let us see as God has seen it. “the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind”. Yeah, it makes no sense to remember it, because it no longer exists! The sin nature has been dealt with. Christ paid for it all and this is what makes us righteous. We must see ourselves as God sees us! This is what enables us to live out the new nature we have received. 

The salvation we have is a gift from God through faith; and not of ourselves: Ephesian 2.8. This is not what you earned or can ever earn. It is simply an act of grace paid with the blood of His dear Son.

Act: recall actions that have made you doubt your righteousness in Christ and declare that you are the righteousness of God. Never sit in condemnation!

Confession: I am a new specie, free from slavery to sin. I am the very righteousness of God. I have attained full reconciliation with God, because of the sacrifice of Christ. GLORY TO GOD!

error: The love of the father is awesome!