Saturday, 13 April, 2024

Scriptural Publication

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The mind of men is receptive to information and the state of mind is the state of man. In a highly lettered and informed world, the church needs to awake to the fact that literature can be a strategic tool to reach the soul of man for Christ. Whoever controls the mind will definitely have control over the man.

The Great Commission Evangelistic Ministries made power evangelical and missiological kinds of literature available to spread the gospel wherever it is possible.

The printed pages have enormous possibilities such as the power of persuasion, penetration, and persistence. Literatures evangelism has the possibility to contribute a powerful tool for personal Christian growth and spiritual progress. The literature given to friends and strangers can be a good introduction to spiritual conversation.

The possibility of works of literature in Evangelism could be engaged through the principle of selection, supplication, and spirit leading by using a different method to target different groups. Christian literature can be a vital way of spreading the gospel or an effective means of following up the new converts.

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