Tuesday, 28 March, 2023

Now is the time to win a soul

The calling of God

People who put off everything until they are sure of it will never get anything done! One may delay, but time will not, and time lost can never be regained. 

Procrastinators fail to realize that delays have dangerous ends.

Even Satan seemed smart in this regard. After God instructed Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit from the tree in the middle of the Garden of Eden, he seized his opportunity when Eve was alone. He successfully deceived her into eating the forbidden fruit. He just needed a good timing and, without delay, he struck.

What if he had delayed and put off executing his evil plan to a more convenient time? Adam and Eve would likely have developed a stronger conviction and would have resolved to never be deceived to disobey God.

Adopt the tactic of seizing every opportunity to preach Jesus to a sinner at the first chance you get, and every corner you turn to will be filled with Christians rather than sinners. 

However, we need the Holy Spirit’s leading to succeed in the mandate Christ gave us to “…go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15)

For instance, if you delay to talk about Jesus to that young man or woman sitting beside you in an hour-long flight, bus trip, or train ride, you may never have the opportunity to win that soul over to Christ again.

This is why, as the year begins, you need not linger in your outreach to lost souls. The current threats of the second wave of the Corona Virus pandemic ravaging the world should cause you to swing into action. Use every opportunity you have to preach the Gospel.

I foresee the wave of evangelism moving faster than the wave of the pandemic when every believer obeys Christ’s mandate and preach the gospel with a sense of urgency. 

Let heaven begin to count the souls saved through this wave of evangelism, not counting the souls lost through the wave of the pandemic.

This month of february 2021 is the time to obey the Great Mandate? Remember, partial and delayed obedience is as grievous as disobedience. 

To do the right thing, do it at the right time! And NOW is the right time.

Start by sharing this message with every Christian around you and MOVE with THIS WAVE OF EVANGELISM.

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