Tuesday, 28 March, 2023

The wisdom from above

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“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.” 

– Prov. 11:30.

“A missionary to Africa told the story of an elderly woman who was reached with the Gospel. Though she was blind and could neither read nor write, she wanted to share her new-found faith with others. 

This made her request for a copy of the Bible in French from the missionary. When she got it, she asked the missionary to underline John 3:16 in red and mark the page where it was found, so she could find it easily. 

This he did for her without question. Nevertheless, the missionary wanted to see what she would do, so one day he followed her.

In the afternoon, just before school let out, she made her way to the front door. As the boys came out when school was dismissed, she would stop one and ask if he knew how to read French. When he said “Yes” she would ask him to read the verse that was marked in red. Then she would ask, “Do you know what this means?” and tell him about Christ.

The missionary said that twenty-four (24) of the schoolboys whom that lady led to the Lord later became pastors.”

The passengers in the public buses you take daily…
That neighbor you see daily…
The young child you see going to school…
The homeless man at the corner of your street you see every day…
They all need to experience the power in the saving grace that has redeemed and set them
free from sin.

Everyone you meet every day is facing a challenge you know nothing about. If only we will show some love to one person each day, and share the WORD about the saving grace of Christ with them, who knows how many generations we would have saved.

A songwriter wrote, “If you bring the one next to you and I bring the one next to me in no time at all we’ll have them all so win them, win them, one by one.”

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